It's all in the details

Today, there is no longer any need to settle for the “standard electrical package,” with no thought given to the way you actually live. But, before you begin, it helps to have a basic idea of what a custom lighting plan can accomplish. The effectiveness of your home’s interior light also affects mood and lifestyle.

Installing and wiring lights always has been a routine part of electrical contracting work. But lighting projects today—especially on high-end residential projects—have changed radically over the past several years, providing plenty of opportunities for contractors to install new state-of-the-art lighting systems. 

Ultimately, a contractor’s understanding of a system’s design, the function of its components and operation of its controls can be an important element in a project’s success. 

Lighting control systems that provide many layers of control including occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and manual dimming have a large impact on the electrical contractor during both bidding and construction.

Projects reach their highest potential when the contractor takes the time to build a rapport with installers of other systems, so that they can interface and operate appropriately. Although the contractor’s expertise is valuable, being willing to work toward a common goal with the other members of the design and construction team towards the clients end result, is most important.

We Know Lighting

Oceanfront Electric considers, with extensive input from each client, not only the fixtures that will grace each room, but also the electrical plugs, switches, dimmers, and capabilities that you take for granted. 

As you work to finalize your electrical needs for a new home, analyze your technology requirements and your “convenience quotient” as well.

Allow us to help you sort out all your wishes so that your new home is the perfect expression of your lifestyle.